Dear Senate media:

            I miss our daily banter and am desperately trying to get well.  I also miss the impeachment trial punctuated by certain personalities who have all the charm of show window mannequins.  But my health is not cooperating.  However, I shall be happy to hear from you for phone interviews, if the questions are not about the merits of the case.

            Over the weekend, I was normal at 120/80.  This morning Monday, my blood pressure was galactic at 140/100.  At that rate, if I attend the impeachment hearings, I will soon be pushing daisies at a memorial park near you.

            Ironically, I have accepted a speaking engagement on Wednesday before the Philippine Society of Hypertension, and the Philippine Lipid and Atherosclerosis Society.  They are holding their joint annual convention.  If I can attend, I shall speak, not as an authority on medicine, but as a victim of old age.  Call me the walking wounded.  I would really like to go because I’m already prepared with my pick-up lines!

            I refuse to succumb to illness, because I don’t want to give my political enemies the pleasure of dancing on my grave, chortling like contented snakes. However, I shall be happy to hear from you for phone interviews, if the questions are not about the merits of the case.

                                                                                     Sincerely yours,


p>                                                                                     MIRIAM DEFENSOR SANTIAGO


  1. Madam,you are very important in hearing but get well first because i don’t want you to be very ill.

  2. Madam Senator:
    I am an ardent fan of yours.
    I indulge you, please, for three unsolicited advice from me re your hypertension:
    1) calamansi juice without sugar squeezed from 20 calamansi fruit, on a daily basis. my kumare and her husband found this a miracle cure for ONE MONTH ONLY.
    2) garlic. crushed garlic (with onions if preferred) in del monte vinegar (or paombong), nakababad lang for days; at gawing sawsawan ng inihaw na isda. my lola got well with this medication.
    3) if the hypertension were part of “menopausing”, tofu, or taho will do great. i myself did not experienced “hard menopause” because i used to eat taho everyday and tokwa was my snacks at least 4x a week. also, i did not have those hot flashes, sweaty nights, hypertension.
    Please be with us pa rin. Our country needs you.
    Please be with the world pa rin. ICC needs you.
    Please be with Atty. Santiago, physically pa rin, not just spiritually. Baka maghanap siya ng iba. Joke only po.
    Sana po, after ICC, try the palace once again.
    Ergo, po, please get well soonest.

  3. I’ll pray that you are in the pink of health, we need you in the senate to defensor our right.Get well soon madame senator santiago.

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