Miriam in ‘Powerhouse’

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago was the guest in the most recent episode of Powerhouse, a lifestyle-magazine show hosted by Mel Tiangco. Miriam opened up her house to her millions of fans in this episode, and shared stories about her family and her views about life in general. The episode aired last  24 April 2012 at GMA News TV 11.

Here are some clips from the episode:

Rappler.com has a short article on Miriam’s Powerhouse guesting, saying

“Sen Miriam Defensor Santiago has been a showstopper in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona. This time, the lady senator from Iloilo spouts witty lines not on matters of law but on her personal journey.”

Boy Abunda also had nice things to say to the senator this week in his article in the Philippine Star, drawing up a list of reasons why he loves Miriam:

“7. I love her because she is unpretentiously a politician of the first order. There are many ways of loving and serving this country. Some people are very good at accounting while others are good in the arts. Miriam is a brilliant legislator. She is an expert politician because a politician is someone who engages in activities that make better life for all. “

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  1. She’ll always be my favorite! I love watching her videos over and over again. Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch her episode in Powerhouse last Tuesday because I had to work. Thanks for posting some clips. Really appreciate it if you could post the complete episode. :)

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