Dear Friend,

            I love you!  I remember you on my birthday today, because you held my hand during the impeachment trial.  As you know, I was martyred by the administration, particularly by two persons in their media bureau.  They even hired guns-for-hire to assassinate my character.  But you were there for me.  I believe that is the reason that I not only survived, but we prevailed!

            As you see from the Inquirer article today, June 15, on page 7, entitled “Ovation Shocks Miriam Out of Her Skin” by Cynthia Balana, you and I were correct in taking the moral high ground during impeachment.  I am now convinced that the Filipino public are behind us.  Again, we are vindicated in the belief that the universe is governed by a Universal Mind.

            Let me share my birthday message with you:

                                    The nature of life is to change.

                                    The adventure of life is to learn.

                                    The purpose of life is to grow.

                                    The challenge of life is to overcome.

            We have overcome!  Thanks very, very much!  With gazillion hugs and kisses!

                                                                        Sincerely yours,


33 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY MESSAGE”

  1. We definitely have overcome Senator! i’m that in my lifetime, we have Senator Miriam in our Senate! Happy Birthday!

  2. We definitely have overcome Senator! i’m happy and glad that in my lifetime, we have The Senator Miriam in our Senate! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Madam Senator! Because of you, we learn to decide on what is right and not what is popular

  4. Dear Senator Miriam,
    Let me greet you first a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was on of your supporters ever since you became a Senator. In the impeachment trial, I have come to know you more and admire your courage to stand for what you believe is right in spite of criticism you could get from your detractors and the common tao. The perjured false witnesses are all packed and sworn to tell the truth against the Chief Justice was the most dismaying thing they did to destroy a man. Sadly, the submitted charges which the prosecutors themselves were not competent to prove its evidence has led the people to believe that it’s a betrayal of public trust. These are all false accusations my goodness! But, I believe that God sent people with courage and firmness to enlighten one’s thought and mobility. Knowing one’s value, your contribution to the people is the most important. It is the most significant and irreplaceable. One way of thanking you Senator is our support for you in every sense of the world. Reading your birthday message inspires me a lot as one of the master’s spoke; he said, “The greatest heights are gained by those who reach the greatest depth.” We overcome these depths and heights by the grace of GOD….May He give you all His abundant blessings in this life…I pray for you always!

  5. Sen. Santiago, happy birthday!!! You are one of the people I look up to because you upheld the rule of law. You know that money nor power will ever make you turn back from your principles. I do hope to meet you someday :)

    Once again, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  6. Happy birthday, Senator Miriam!

    I watched the trial because of the process & more importantly, what I’d expected to hear & learn from you. I agree with your verdict because of it’s merits & your arguements.

    The country is better served with you in ICC!

    All the best!

  7. Happy happy birthday madam Miriam, you’re the best senator that i ever know, keep it up! I wish you’re always in good health, more power!

  8. I pray the you live even longer madame. If ever I step into the doors of UP Law, I will remember you and your achievements as a senator, and now as an ICC judge.

  9. dear madam miriam,
    you know i voted for you when u run for president which
    i cannot remember the year… till now, i am your avid

    i really admire you.

    God bless on your birthday

  10. happy birthday sen miriam…indeed i have learned a lot from you in the impeachment court..may we have more miriams in our youth of today…thanks!

  11. belated Happy, happy birthday Madam Senator Miriam Santiago! i wish you joy and good health!!!

  12. Maligayang ika-67 Kaarawan, idol.. este Professor Defensor-Santiago!

    Please look after your health, so you may live for another 67 more years! =)

  13. Dear Madam Senator,

    I wish you health and more years to come on your birthday..i have always supported you from your presidential candidacy to the senatorial race, and for the Philippines to have you is a great honor and I am sure will do the Philippines proud. I hope someday i will have the honor of meeting you.

  14. Happy Birthday senator Miriam…as a high school student you showed to me that a wise person follows his/her own decision and not the few mobs that are murmuring out there…i hope that you will inspire more people and wish you good health and a more meaningful life…

  15. Happy Birthday to the Greatest Woman in the world! More power and the very best of health. How I wish you are the President of the Philippines. I live in Seattle, WA but I am am an ardent fan of yours. You were the most truthful and honest in the impeachment trial verdict. Every word you said were true. So many friends and acquaintances here in Seattle admired you greatly.

  16. happy birthday maam, lipay gd ko na taga iloilo ka and i am proud of your actions bahala na sila sa ila na side, kita sa UP inatudluan sang aton mga maestra kag mestro na mag hambal sang aton balatyagun either not the popular one or either the opposite of the majority kay amo na aton right. kudos madam and mayo mayo lang sa imo na bago na assignment. ang imo na supporter for ever.

  17. Happy Birthday po Sen. Miriam. May God always shower you with blessings. I truly admire you.

  18. I admired you MDS. we hope and we pray to our God Almighty that He will guide you and bless you always…I hope we will still have more MDS in the country! God save our country!

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