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Dear Senate media:

            I miss our daily banter and am desperately trying to get well.  I also miss the impeachment trial punctuated by certain personalities who have all the charm of show window mannequins.  But my health is not cooperating.  However, I shall be happy to hear from you for phone interviews, if the questions are not about the merits of the case.

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The  International Conference of Tibet Support Groups aims to strengthen and empower the network of Tibet Support Groups so that they may forge more effective means of supporting the cause of Tibet.

For groups and individuals interested in participating in the upcoming 6th International Conference of Tibet Support Groups at Surajkund, Haryana, India on November 5-7, 2010:

Please email your or your representative’s short CV to with a cover letter presenting your purpose for joining the conference for screening. Successful applicants will be informed on funding and expenses for the conference at a later date. All information submitted will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Miriam on agrarian reform

Impressed with her performance in the Commission on Immigration and Deportation, President Corazon Aquino appointed Miriam Agrarian Reform Secretary in 1989.  The president ordered her “to put everything in place, institute reforms and help plug loopholes in the present agrarian reform law.” 

Miriam lost no time in overhauling the department’s policies.  She instituted three major policies in agrarian reform.  First, to concretize the basic philosophy of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law (CARL), she stressed that all doubts on the inclusion of lands in the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) should be resolved in favor of inclusion. 


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