Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, a former trial court judge and an elected judge of the International Criminal Court, delivers a speech before the Philippine Judges Association after being elevated to the organization's Hall of Fame, 15 October 2015.


(Transcript of Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago’s speech after being inducted into the Philippine Judges Association Hall of Fame on 15 October 2015, at the Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom, Pasay City)

I am not fully in acquaintance with the status of the trial judiciary today, being preoccupied with my functions in the Senate. Ang problema sa Senado, puro mga komiko. Hindi naman katatawanan sa RTC. Many a day I have rued the hour when I was appointed to the RTC.

There is something unique about the study of the legal profession as an academic subject. I taught in the evening at the U.P. College of Law after presiding over trial cases in the daytime. One thing I noticed as an academician was: That by the process of justice, the living are governed by the dead. Continue reading

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