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Summer Sa Senado

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Summer Sa Senado is a one-month summer internship program crafted and introduced by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago in 1999. It is the country’s first and only legislative training program that empowers the youth by giving them the rare opportunity of proposing their own bills in Congress.

Unlike other internship programs wherein students would only do clerical work, in the Summer sa Senado internship program, interns are given challenging exercises, and they engage in group dynamics twice a week for one month.

They learn about bill drafting, debate on their proposals and watch public hearings and plenary sessions at the Senate. They are given the chance to be front-row witnesses to the workings at the Senate.

In the internship program, they have simulated plenary sessions and mock public hearings wherein they act as legislators interpellating each other or debating on a proposed bill. They also, in the true essence of being a Senator, deliver their own privilege speeches.

The internship program not only provides lectures about the history, organization and functions of the Senate, but also exposes the interns to team-building activities aimed at fostering camaraderie. Interns learn that teamwork is very important for a group to succeed. The group dynamics are designed to enhance their skills in strategic, creative, and critical thinking.

Interns are given a few weeks to finish their own bills, then the bills are presented to members of Senator Santiago's legal staff in the most creative manner. Interns will also have a graduation ceremony after finishing the internship program. Outstanding works and participants were recognized and given medals.

Who can join Summer sa Senado?

Any college student from Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao can join the program. They have no fees to pay and the office does not give allowances to participants, Senator Santiago's office will not shoulder transportation and accommodation expenses for provincial participants.

Interested parties are required to submit the following:
two 1x1 colored pictures
certificate of good moral character from the dean's office and send them to:

Summer Sa Senado
c/o Office of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago
5/f Philippine Senate, Pasay

(For more info, click here to write to us about this program with "Summer sa Senado" as subject of the message.)

What are the benefits of joining the program?

The Summer sa Senado internship program is a worthwhile activity for young students during summer, wherein they learn about the legislative branch of government and its functions. The theories they lean in school about  legislation is not enough; they are merely taught that legislature is responsible in crafting laws and serves as a fiscalizer in a republican for of government. Through the Summer sa Senado internship program, interns are taught  how to write their own bills, resolutions, and press releases.

In fact, two bills penned by the interns of 1999 have been filed in the Senate by Senator Santiago. These are the "Exact Change Act" that seeks to penalize erring businesses that shortchange consumers, and the "Children's Rights Education Act" that seeks to require a subject on children's rights in primary schools. The interns get to be the voice of the youth, air their concerns, and propose solutions to what are deemed as pressing problems facing our country today.





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