A.B., Ll.B., Ll.M., S.J.D., Ll.D. D.H.L.,



Date of Birth : 15 June 1945
Place of Birth : Iloilo City, Philippines
Parents : District Judge Benjamin A. Defensor (deceased) and Dean Dimpna Palma Defensor (retired)
Civil Status : Married 1970; two children, born 1971 and 1981; and two foster children, born 1996
Office Address : 4/F Narsan Blg., 3 West Fourth Street, West Triangle, Quezon City
Office Telephones : 371-9156; 372-4573 to 75
Fax Lines : 374-3055 and 374-3059

(Partial List)


Magsaysay Award for government service 1988
Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize, Magsaysay Awards Foundation
For bold and moral leadership in cleaning up a graft-ridden government agency


TOYM Award for law 1985 (The Outstanding Young Men)
Opened to women 1984, Philippine Jaycees
TOWNS Award for law 1986 (The Outstanding Women in the Nation's Service)
Philippine Lions
Gold Vision Triangle Award for government service, 1988
YMCA Philippines
Republic Anniversary Award for law enforcement, 1988
Civic Assembly of Women of the Philippines
Golden Jubilee Achievement Award for public service, 1990
Girl Scouts of the Philippines
Celebrity Mother Award, 1991
Gintong Ina Awards Foundation


Diamond Award for excellence in the legal profession
University of the Philippines Portia Sorority 1993
Professional Award in law 1988
University of the Philippines Alumni Association
Most Outstanding Alumna Award 1997
University of the Philippines Visayas
Outstanding Alumna Award 1995
Iloilo High School Alumni Association, Inc
Most Outstanding Alumna 1991
La Paz Elementary School Iloilo City
People's Service Award 1990
University of the East College of Law Student Government
Achievement Award 1989
Angeles University Foundation
Award of Achievement 1988
Centro Escolar University Graduate School Alumni Association
Award of Outstanding Recognition 1988
Iloilo National High School
Brown Visiting Fellow Award 1988
Trinity College of Quezon City.


Award of Excellence in public service 1988
Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, Inc.
Award of Recognition for public service 1988
Roman Catholic Archbishops and Bishops of Manila
Woman of the Year Award 1988
Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines


Award of Recognition for Best Agency Productivity 1988
Government Productivity Improvement Program Council
Outstanding Ilongo Award 1989 for good government
Iloilo provincial government
Leadership Award 1988
Philippine Ports Authority
Distinguished Achievement Award 1986
National Police Commission
Outstanding Young Woman of Iloilo Award for law 1984
Ilang-Ilang Jaycees and Iloilo provincial government


Woman of Distinction Award 1988
Soroptimist International of Greater Manila
Integrity of Profession Award 1988
Soroptimist International of Quezon City
Award of Distinction 1988
Zonta International of Baguio City
Outstanding Achievement Award 1994
Rotary Club of Cabanatuan City
Award of Distinction 1989
Rotary Club of Roxas City
Outstanding Public Servant Award 1989
Rotary International District 378 in Quezon City
Achievement Award 1991
Iloilo Association of Guam
Golden Cross Achievement Award 1990
10th Battalion Combat Team Peftok
Medal of Honor and Woman of the Year Award 1989
Foundation of Phil-American Medical Society of New Jersey, Inc.
Award of Distinction 1988
Girl Scouts of the Philippines Iloilo Chapter
Distinguished Public Service Award 1988
Barangay U.P. Village Senior Citizens Organization


The 100 Most Powerful Women in the World, The Australian magazine, 1996
Public Service Award 1991
Pambansang Unyon ng Mamamahayag sa Medya
News Personality of the Year 1988
ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation


Senator, Republic of the Philippines, 1995-2001.
Senior Partner, Miriam Defensor Santiago Law Office
President and founder, People's Reform Party
Chairman and founder, Movement for Responsible Public Service (MOVERS)
Opinion columnist, "Gadfly," Today, 1994.
Professorial Lecturer, College of Law, University of the Philippines, l976-88
Secretary of Agrarian Reform, l989. First female to hold this post.
Chairman, Presidential Agrarian Reform Council Executive Committee
Commissioner of Immigration and Deportation, l988-89.
First female to hold this post.
Member, Board of Directors:
Public Estates Authority, 1988-91.
Philippine Retirement Authority, 1988-89.
Ninoy Aquino International Airport Authority, 1988-89.
Land Bank of the Philippines, 1989.
Opinion Columnist, Philippine Panorama l976-78; l985-88.
Presiding Judge, Regional Trial Court, Branch l06, Quezon City, l983-87.
Highest case disposal among l2 new RTC judges in Metropolitan Manila
     in the first year of the national judicial reorganization, l983.
Legal Consultant, Philippine Embassy, Washington, D.C., l982.
Legal Consultant, University of the Philippines Law Center, l98l-83.
Legal Officer, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Geneva, Switzerland, l979-80.
Special Assistant to the Secretary of Justice, l970-80.
Professor of Political Science, Trinity College of Quezon City, l97l-74.
Opinion Columnist, Philippines Daily Express, l972-75.
Member, Board of Censors for Motion Pictures, l977-79.


Doctor of the Science of Law (Barbour Scholar and DeWitt Fellow), University of Michigan, l976.
      Requirements (except publication), fulfilled in six months, with "A" average.
Doctor of Laws, honoris causa Centro Escolar University, l989.
Doctor of Laws, honoris causa Xavier University, Ateneo de Cagayan de Oro, l989.
Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa University of San Agustin, l989.
Master of Laws (DeWitt Fellow), University of Michigan, 1975. With "A" average.
Master of Arts in Religious Studies (cand.), Maryhill School of Theology, Quezon City
Bachelor of Laws, cum laude University of the Philippines, l969.
Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude University of the Philippines, l965.
       Finished in 3 l/2 instead of 4 years, with an average grade in the last semester of l.l.
Valedictorian, Iloilo National High School, l96l. Awardee, All- Around Girl.
Valedictorian, La Paz Elementary School, l957.


(See: "Super Girl at the U.P. Campus," by Lorna Kalaw, Woman and Home, 5 January l969.)

First female Editor-in-Chief, The Philippine Collegian, l968, after 50 years.
Editor for Articles, Philippine Law Journal, l968-69.
First female Editor-in-Chief, The Law Register, l966-67.
Vice-Chairman, U.P. Student Council, l967-68.
Corps Sponsor, UP ROTC, l964 and l968.
President, Corps Sponsors Association of Greater Manila, l968.
Awardee, Presidential Pin for Academic Excellence, l963, l965 and l969.
Member, Order of the Purple Feather Law Honor Society, l965-69.
Recipient, Rotary Award for Most Outstanding Graduate, l963 and l965.
Recipient, Vinzons Achievement Award for Leadership, l968 and l969.
Awardee, Ten Outstanding Coeds of the University of the Philippines, l966.
First female awardee, Carlos Romulo Gold Medal for Best Debater,
       and Ferdinand Marcos Gold Trophy, U.P. Law annual debate, l967
First Prize, Iloilo Lions oratorical contest, l964.
First Prize, oratorical, essay, poetry, and short story contests, U.P. Visayas, l963.
Editor-in-Chief, U.P. Visayas monthly magazine, l961-65.
President, Iloilo Student Press Association, l962-63.
Gold Medal for Best Debater, representing U.P. Visayas, l964.
Chairman, Students' Consultative Council for the City Mayor, l960- 6l.



Visiting Fellow, Lauterpacht Research Center for International Law, 1999
Cambridge University
Paris - Geneva Summer Program in International Law, 1998.
Sponsored by American University.
Summer Program in Law at Oxford University, 1997.
Sponsored by Florida State University.
Summer Program of Instruction for Lawyers, Harvard University, 1996.
Graduate, California Judicial College, University of California at Berkeley, 1985.
In the practical courtroom test, American judges gave her the highest grade of 33 out of 35.
Fellow, Seminar on judicial writing and caseflow management in the trial courts,
      Institute of Judicial Administration, Quezon City, 1984.
Topnotcher of examination in judicial writing.
Fellow, U.N./UNITAR Programme in International Law, The Hague, Holland, and Brussels, Belgium, 1978.
Fellow, External Session of The Hague Academy of International Law, Tokyo, Japan, 1978.
Fellow, Academy of American and International Law, Southwestern Legal Foundation, Dallas, Texas, 1972.


Guidelines for Reporting by Governments on the Implementation of the Global Program of Action,
      on the Progress Achieved in Meeting the Goals and Targets for the Years 2003 and 2008,
      42nd Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Vienna, 17 March 1999.
Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism, 53rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly,
      New York, 12 November 1998.
Philippine Intellectual Property Laws, A Review in Light of the GATT,
      Conference on International Economic Transactions,
      sponsored by the Indonesian Bar Association, Jakarta, 24 April 1996.
Women Business Lawyers: Meeting the New Political and Economic Challenges in Asia,
      Conference of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (Women Business Lawyers' Group),
      Singapore, 4 December 1995.
The 'Gap' in the International Protection of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons,
      Victims of Conflicts, International Congress on Respect for International Humanitarian Law,
      San Remo Italy, 7 September 1995
Toward Radical Humanism in a Meta-Technological Society,
      Global Convention on the Restoration of Morality and Humanity,
      Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea, 5 September 1995.
Asian Perspective: The Promotion of International Refugee Law as a Factor in Conflict Prevention,
      19th Roundtable on Current Problems of International Humanitarian Law,
      San Remo, Italy, 31 August 1994.
What Does the Law Say?, Symposium on Equipping Southeast Asian Women Managers for the 90's,
      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 6 March 1991.
Corruption Prevention Strategies in Developing Countries, Keynote Speaker,
      Fourth International Anti-Corruption Conference, Sydney, Australia, 13 November 1989.


Fellow, Williamsburg Conference, Chiangmai, Thailand, 1990.
Fellow, International Visitor Program, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, 1989.
Fellow, Special Visits Program, Sydney and Canberra, Australia.
Chairperson, 13th Roundtable on Current Problems of International Humanitarian Law,
      San Remo, Italy, 1988.
Philippine Delegate, Interpol General Assembly Session, Nice, France, 1987.
Secretary-General, ASEAN Women Judges Conference, Manila, 1987.
Fellow, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, 1985.
Philippine Delegate, First International Seminar-Workshop on Managing Delay in the Courts, Manila, 1983.
Chairperson, Second Philippine Goodwill Mission to the Republic of China, 1968.
Philippine Delegate, First Southeast Asian and Australasian Law Students' Seminar, Singapore, 1967.


Phi Kappa Phi International Honor Society
Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society
Integrated Bar of the Philippines
U.P. Law Alumni Association
U.P. Women Lawyers' Circle
Philippine Society of International Law
Fellows of the Asia Foundation
California Judicial College Alumni Association
Association of TOWNS Awardees
Alumni Association of the Academy of American International Law
Honorary member, Zonta International of Makati
Honorary member, Manila Lakambini Lions Club
Honorary member, Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association, Inc.




Civil Code Annotated
Consittution Annotated
Corporation Code Annotated
Election Code Annotated
Insurance Code Annotated
Local Government Code Annotated
National Internal Revenue Code Annotated
Penal Code Annotated
Rules of Court Annotated, 2nd ed.
Tariff and Customs Code Annotated
Constitutional Law, Vol. 1 - Political Structure, 2nd ed.
Constitutional Law, Vol. 2 - Bill of Rights, 2nd ed.
The 1973 Constitution
International Law, With Philippine Cases and Materials and ASEAN Instruments
International Law (co-author)
Political Offenses in International Law


International Relations, 2nd ed.
Christianity Versus Corruption, Political Theology for the Third World
At the Turn of the Century, National Policy Issues in the Philippines
Cutting Edge, The Politics of Reform in the Philippines
Where Angels Fear to Tread, Politics and Religion
How to Fight Election Fraud
How to Fight Graft


Inventing Myself, An Autobiography
A Frabjous Day and Other Stories
The Miriam Dictionary


The Visiting Forces Agreement in Constitutional and International Law,
      25 Integrated Bar of the Philippines Law 134 (1999.)
Toward Radical Humanism in a Meta-Technological Society,
      Proceedings of the Global Convention on Restoration of Morality and Humanity (1995.)
Philippine Intellectual Property Law: A Review in Light of the GATT, 70 Phil. Law Journal 17 (1995.)
Fighting Philippine Corruption, Proceedings of the Fourth International Anti-Corruption Conference (1989.)
Some Issues of Immigration Law in a Developing State, 10 Michigan Journal of International Law 251(1989.)
"CID: The Philippine Experiment in Fighting Graft," 1 Career Executive Journal 2 (1989.)
Family Reunification for Refugees: The Philippine Context, 2 Lawyer's Review 2 (1988.)
"Arrest and Search: Guidelines for Policemen," 6 Criminal Justice Journal 32 (1986.)
"The Supreme Court Applies 'Clear and Present Danger:' But Which One?" 60 Phil. Law Journal 57 (1985.)
Criminal Procedure in the Juvenile Justice System, 4 Criminal Justice Journal 31 (1984.)
The 'New' Equal Protection, 58 Phil. Law Journal 1 (1983.)
Identifying the Political Offender, 56 Phil. Law Journal 395 (1981.)
"Promotion, Dissemination, and Teaching of International Refugee Law:
      Towards a New International Social Order," 55 Phil. Law Journal 139 (1980) (co-author.)
"Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflicts," 54 Phil. Law Journal 188 (1979.)
"Procedural Aspects of the Political Offence Doctrine," 51 Phil. Law Journal 238 (1976.)
The Archipelago Concept in the Law of the Sea, 49 Phil. Law Journal 315 (1974.)

(Partial List)


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